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Welcome to the xosview2 home page

This page is for an experimental new branch of xosview called xosview2. The site for the version of xosview (packaged for several operating systems) can be found:

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xosview is a lightweight program that gathers information from your operating system and displays it in graphical form. It attempts to show you in a quick glance an overview of how your system resources are being utilized.

It can be configured to be nothing more than a small strip showing a couple of parameters on a desktop task bar. Or it can display dozens of meters and rolling graphical charts over your entire screen.

Since xosview renders all graphics with core X11 drawing methods, you can run it on one machine and display it on another. This works even if your other host is an operating system not running an X server inside a virtual machine running on a physically different host. If you can connect to it on a network, then you can popup an xosview instance and monitor what is going on.