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About xosview2

This site (xosview at Sourceforge) contains what is being called xosview2. Xosview2 is a branch of xosview starting with the 1.8.3 release. And it is also an accidental fork. This page attempts to explain how it came about and where it is going.

Recently I (Mike Romberg) developed an interest in xosview ater many years of letting it sit idle (or so I thought). I wished to update the code base to use more modern C++ features (early versions still compiled with Cfront!). I also wanted to clean-up some poor design coices I had made years ago.

So, I did exactly that starting my work from the source as I had left it here on Sourceforge. I was unaware that the code had since moved on and was being maintained here by Mark Hills. By the time I was aware of this substantial changes had already been done based on the 1.8.3 release and not on the activly maintained release.

It has been decided to keep my changes here as a seperate branch where I will add in experimental new features. And we will attempt to merge the two branches at some point in the future if it makes sense to do so.

Some integration has already been done. For example the Sourceforge tree now has the resource reading code from the other branch. But there are surely other important fixes that have not been incorporated.

So, the stable 1.X version of xosview Mark will continue to maintain on his site and I will see how many times I can crash my window manager over here. :)